Question: A team working at a cat food company had the

A team working at a cat food company had the business objective of reducing nonconformance in the cat food canning process. As the team members began to investigate the current process, they found that, in some instances, production needed expensive overtime costs to meet the requirements requested by the market forecasting team. They also realized that data were not available concerning the stability and magnitude of the rate of nonconformance and the production volume throughout the day. Their previous study of the process indicated that output could be nonconforming for a variety of reasons. The reasons broke down into two categories: quality characteristics due to the can and characteristics concerning the fill weight of the container. Because these nonconformities stemmed from different sets of underlying causes, they decided to study them separately. The group assigned to study and reduce the nonconformities due to the can decided that at 15 minute intervals during each shift the number of nonconforming cans would be determined along with the total number of cans produced during the time period. The results for a single day’s production of kidney cat food and a single day’s production of shrimp cat food for each shift are stored in CatFood3. You want to study the process of producing cans of cat food for the two shifts and the two types of food. Completely analyze the data.

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