Question: A The Geek Squad www geeksquad com offers a variety

a. The Geek Squad ( ) offers a variety of telephone, in-office, and in-home computer services. When a call for assistance comes into their 800 number, the Geek Squad determines its geographical origin and routes the call to an agent in the area. The agent confers with the customer by phone, determining the nature of the problem and the type of service desired. The agent also will find out if the customer has previously done business with Geek Squad. The agent will respond to the customer's request and report the problem's resolution to the corporate office. The corporate office bills the customer and collects payment; a fixed fee is remitted to the local agent based on the type and nature of the service call. Point your Web browser to the Geek Squad Web site to get more information about their operations. Then, prepare a context diagram, Level Zero diagram, and one Level One diagram for Geek Squad.
b. Every year, the Institute of Management Accountants sponsors a student case competition to help students build their technical, analytical, and communication skills. In the student case competition, the IMA solicits cases from accounting faculty; an IMA committee chooses the best case and publishes it in an issue of Strategic Finance. Teams of students prepare video-taped responses to the case and submit them to the IMA. The videotaped presentations are evaluated and the team with the best presentation in each geographic region presents their case "in person" to a panel of judges at the IMA annual meeting. The team with the best presentation receives an award; all teams presenting at the annual meeting receive an engraved plaque with the members' names on it. The IMA maintains a database of case topics and authors; it also keeps a record of the name and university affiliation of all teams submitting videotapes as well as the status of those submissions. (For more information about the IMA student case competition, point your Web browser to Consider the preceding narrative, and prepare a leveled set of data flow diagrams (context, Level Zero, and Level One).
c. Consider the narratives presented in Problem 6 of Chapter 6 for Cori's Catering Services and University Bookstore. Use those narratives to prepare a leveled set of data flow diagrams.

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