Question: A This chapter outlined seven steps for creating a knowledge

a. This chapter outlined seven steps for creating a knowledge management system, using Heater-
craft as an example. Think about the steps in the broader context of a functionally organized
corporation; who should complete each of the steps for creating the system? In a format
specified by your instructor, document the steps based on the parties you believe should
complete them.
b. TRG Corporation is preparing its initial public offering; the corporation’s management
knows it will have to file documents with the SEC using XBRL. Use Steps for Better Think-
ing to reach a decision about what tagging software TRG should employ.
c. This chapter suggested five major causes of information overload. Think about one of the
business processes discussed in Part Four. For the business process you choose, suggest one
specific example for each major cause of information overload.
d. When an organization incurs a cost, it has two basic choices for how to record it in the AIS:
capitalizing or expensing. Suppose a corporation develops its own knowledge management
system using a standard relational database like Access. How should it account for the devel opment cost? Justify your response.

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