A tropical forest survey conducted by Conservation International included the following statements in the material that accompanied the survey: “A massive change is burning its way through the earth’s environment.” “The band of tropical forests that encircle the earth is being cut and burned to the ground at an alarming rate.” “Never in history has mankind inflicted such sweeping changes on our planet as the clearing of rain forest taking place right now!” The survey that followed included the questions given in Parts (a) – (d) below. For each of these questions, identify a word or phrase that might affect the response and possibly bias the results of any analysis of the responses.
a. “Did you know that the world’s tropical forests are being destroyed at the rate of 80 acres per minute?”
b. “Considering what you know about vanishing tropical forests, how would you rate the problem?”
c. “Do you think we have an obligation to prevent the man-made extinction of animal and plant species?”
d. “Based on what you know now, do you think there is a link between the destruction of tropical forests and changes in the earth’s atmosphere?”

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