A vendor specializing in outdoor gear offers customers three ways to place orders for home delivery. Customers can place orders either in the store, online, or via telephone using a catalog. Of the orders, one-half are made online with one-quarter each made in stores or via telephone. Of the online orders, 40% are only for clothing, 30% are only for camping supplies, and 30% are for both. For orders placed in the store, all are for clothing (to order a size that is not in stock). Among orders placed via telephone, 60% are for clothing alone, 20% are for camping supplies alone, and 20% are for both clothing and camping supplies.
(a) Organize these probabilities as a probability tree or probability table. Explain why you picked a tree or a table.
(b) What’s the probability that the customer orders clothing, either by itself or in combination with camping supplies?

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