Question: A Wall Street Journal article titled Hypertension Drug Linked to

A Wall Street Journal article, titled “Hypertension Drug Linked to Cancer,” reported on a study of several types of high-blood-pressure drugs and links to cancer. For one type, called calcium-channel blockers, 27 of 202 elderly patients taking the drug developed cancer. For another type, called beta-blockers, 28 of 424 other elderly patients developed cancer. Find a 90% confidence interval for the difference between the cancer rates of elderly people taking calcium-channel blockers and those taking beta-blockers. Note: The results of this study were challenged and questioned by several sources that claimed, for example, that the study was flawed and that several other studies have suggested that calcium-channel blockers are safe.
The two-proportions plus-four z-interval procedure as discussed on page 467 to find the required confidence interval. Interpret your results.

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