A wealthy businessman owns a large number of paintings that he loans to museums all over the world. He is interested in setting up a system that records what he loans to whom so that he doesn't lose track of his investments. He would like to keep information about the paintings that he owns as well as the artists who painted them. He also wants to track the various museums that reserve his art, along with the actual reservations.
Obviously, artists are associated with paintings, paintings are associated with reservations, and reservations are associated with museums.

1. Draw the four entities that belong on this data model.
2. Provide some basic attributes for each entity, and select an identifier, if possible.
3. Draw the appropriate relationships between the entities and label them.
4. What is the cardinality for each relationship? Depict this on your drawing.
5. What is the modality for each relationship? Depict this on your drawing.
6. List two business rules that are communicated by your ERD.

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