Question: a What documents files would Victoria want to see

a. What documents / files would Victoria want to see before interviewing anyone?
b. What other procedures from Chapter 9 (the evidence chapter), if any, should Victoria consider using to determine whether her suspicions of Edsel* are valid?
c. Should she consider interviewing Theresa, Andre, and Patrick? Why or why not?
Edsel Edison, an employee of Go Fast & Play Hard, has been with the company since it opened four years ago. Go Fast is a company that is still experiencing growing pains, and current management believes that the company can make money if costs are kept low. This is the reason “Easy” Smith, the operating manager, has given for not implementing more internal controls. In particular, he has rejected the recommendation to add additional employees to produce better separation of duties as unnecessary. As a result, Edsel is the only person who does the accounting, including the billing and collection, for Go Fast.

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