Question: a What type of research should he do b Is

a. What type of research should he do?
b. Is his IT background sufficient for a case that involves marketing issues?
Jason Blair is a CPA who has been asked to serve as an expert witness in a civil case involving theft of employee secrets. His client, Rexmem, has filed suit against its former IT director, alleging that the former employee stole proprietary information relating to Rexmem’s products, product strategies, and marketing plans and conveyed the stolen information to her new employer.
Rexmem intends to make its case by showing that the former IT director had access to the information in question. Furthermore, as soon as the IT director started working for her new employer, the employer began announcing new products that were identical to products that Rexmem had been planning to announce. Moreover, the competitor also began to run advertising campaigns that exactly matched those planned by Rexmem.
Jason has an extensive expert background in information systems and information technology.

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