Question: A You read a bit about Porter s value chain at

a. You read a bit about Porter’s value chain at the beginning of Chapter 12. The value chain links together most, if not all, of the business processes we’ve examined in the last three chapters. To illustrate how, point your Web browser to, a small manufacturer of marine accessories and other products in northern Idaho. List the primary and support activities in Porter’s value chain, and give an example of each activity for Heater Craft. For example, the Web site itself is an example of “marketing and sales” in the value chain.
b. Use COSO’s enterprise risk management framework to develop a risk management plan for Heater Craft (or some other organization that focuses on one of the business processes discussed in the chapter).
c. Most of today’s college and university students have never known a world without information technology; MP3 players, digital video recorders, and laptop computers are common place tools in the twenty-first century. Work with a group of students to “invent” some new
IT tool that will improve one or more of the business processes discussed in this chapter; for example, a voice-activated system for accessing employees’ human resource records. Then, use the systems development life cycle to explain how you would develop and implement your idea.

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