Question: A zoo has categorized its visitors into three categories member

A zoo has categorized its visitors into three categories: member, school, and general. The member category refers to visitors who pay an annual fee to support the zoo. Members receive certain benefits such as discounts on merchandise and trips planned by the zoo. The school category includes faculty and students from day care and elementary and secondary schools; these visitors generally receive a discounted rate. The general category includes all other visitors. The zoo has been concerned about a recent drop in attendance. To help better understand attendance and membership, a zoo staff member has collected the following data:

a. Construct a bar chart of total attendance over time. Comment on any trend in the data.
b. Construct a side-by-side bar chart showing attendance by visitor category with year as the variable on the horizontal axis.
c. Comment on what is happening to zoo attendance based on the charts from parts (a) and(b).
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