Solution Inn is an emerging online freelance marketplace where over 100,000 freelancers are providing their specialized services to clients from all over the world. With a very large number of users already on board, we are connecting freelancers of all professions to the clients that really need them!

What we do?

With a very safe and user-friendly portal, clients post their specific jobs and freelancers then enter their bid if they have the skills to perform the job at hand. Freelancers with the most appropriate bid are awarded the project and they then work on the job and deliver it to the client.

For our clients, this means access to an immense amount of skill out there from all walks of life and it also means paying very competitive rates for the jobs they need done. Clients use our platform to connect with people whose skills include, but are not limited to, programming, IT, web design, graphic design, PR and marketing, content writing, advertising, photography, and so much more.
For our freelancers, this means access to thousands of potential jobs for them performed right from the comfort of their homes! We understand that there are a lot of skilled people out there who are looking to boost their income or may be looking for financial independence, or simply aim to be self-employed. Whatever their reasons, they can now choose the job they want while matching it to their specific skills!

At Solution Inn, we know what we've built and we aim to remain one of the best "sources of all solutions".


The founder and co-founder of Solution Inn are actually two brothers who had made a living out of freelancing and had a very large portfolio of clients that they were always working for. Every day, they would help their clients realize their dreams through smart solutions and entrepreneurial ideas.

Like many success stories, Solution Inn was born when those brothers realized that they could turn their extensive experience into an entrepreneurial venture and extend their services to the thousands of freelancers out there like themselves.

Today, they are realizing their dream as Solution Inn makes sure that every freelancer they welcome aboard is an entrepreneurial freelancer.

"Solution Inn is a platform where clients and employers can find entrepreneurial freelancers, and with the help of freelancers, employers, businesses, and professional individuals, they can make their dreams come true. We are not just adding on Freelancers to increase the numbers on our site. On the contrary, we make sure every single freelancer representing Solution Inn justifies their inclusion in the Solution Inn team. We want to build a strong and long term relationship between freelancers and employers, and make sure that relationship means happy customers and a job well done!"

CEO of Solution Inn