According to a global survey of 4,400 parents of children between the ages of 14 to 17, 44% of parents spy on their teen’s Facebook account (, April 25, 2012).
Assume that American parents account for 10% of all parents of teens with Facebook accounts, of which 60% spy on their teen’s Facebook account. Suppose a parent is randomly selected, and the following events are defined: A = selecting an American parent and B = selecting a spying parent.
a. Based on the above information, what are the probabilities that can be established? Would you label them as subjective, empirical, or classical?
b. Are the events A and B mutually exclusive and/or exhaustive? Explain.
c. Are the events A and B independent? Explain.
d. What is the probability of selecting an American parent given that she/he is a spying parent?

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