Question: According to a union agreement the mean income for all

According to a union agreement, the mean income for all senior-level assembly-line workers in a large company equals $500 per week. A representative of a women’s group decides to analyze whether the mean income for female employees matches this norm. For a random sample of nine female employees, using software she obtains a 95% confidence interval of (371, 509). Explain what is wrong with each of the following interpretations of this interval.
a. We infer that 95% of the women in the population have income between $371 and $509 per week.
b. If random samples of nine women were repeatedly selected, then 95% of the time the sample mean income would be between $371 and $509.
c. We can be 95% confident that  is between $371 and $509.
d. If we repeatedly sampled the entire population, then 95% of the time the population mean would be between $371 and $509.

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