According to Beverage Digest and Accu Val the distribution of
According to Beverage Digest and Accu Val, the distribution of market share for the top seven soft drinks in the United States is Coke Classic 26%,Diet Coke 15%, Pepsi Cola 15%, Mountain Dew 10%, Dr. Pepper 9%, Sprite 8%, Diet Pepsi 8%, and Others 9%. Suppose a marketing analyst wants to determine whether this distribution fits her geographic region. She randomly surveys 1726 people and asks them to name their favorite soft drink. The responses are Coke Classic 397, Pepsi Cola 310, Diet Coke 207, Mountain Dew 160, Dr. Pepper 143, Diet Pepsi 130, Sprite 126, and Others 253. She then tests to determine whether the local distribution of soft drink preferences is the same or different from the national figures, using α = .05. What does she find?

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