Question: According to Krantz 1992 the probability of being injured by

According to Krantz (1992), the probability of being injured by lightning in any given year is 1/685,000. Assume that the probability remains the same from year to year and that avoiding a strike in one year doesn’t change your probability in the next year.
a. What is the probability that someone who lives 80 years will never be struck by lightning? You do not need to compute the answer, but write down how it would be computed.
b. According to Krantz, the probability of being injured by lightning over the average lifetime is 1/9100. Show how that probability should relate to your answer in part (a), assuming that average lifetime is about 80 years.
c. Do the probabilities given in this exercise ap­ply specifically to you? Explain.
d. Over 300 million people live in the United States. In a typical year, assuming Krantz’s figure is accurate, about how many people out of 300 million would be expected to be struck by lightning?

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