According to Statistical Abstract of the United States 2006 average
According to Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2006, average salary (in dollars) of secondary school classroom teachers in 2004 in the United States varied among states with a five-number summary of: minimum = 33,100, Q1 = 39,250, Median = 42,700, Q3 = 48,850, Maximum = 61,800.
a. Find and interpret the range and interquartile range.
b. Sketch a box plot, marking the five-number summary on it.
c. Predict the direction of skew for this distribution. Explain.
d. If the distribution, although skewed, is approximately bell shaped, which of the following would be the most realistic value for the standard deviation: (i) 100, (ii) 1000, (iii) 6000, or (iv) 25,000? Explain your reasoning.
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