According to the Census s Population Survey the percentage of children
According to the Census’s Population Survey, the percentage of children with two parents at home is the highest for Asians and lowest for blacks (USA TODAY, February 26, 2009). It is reported that 85% of Asian children have two parents at home versus 78% of white, 70% of Hispanic, and 38% of black. Suppose there are 500 students in a representative school of which 280 are white, 50 are Asian, 100 are Hispanic, and 70 are black.
a. Construct a contingency table that shows the frequencies for the qualitative variables Race (Asian, White, Hispanic, or Black) and Both Parents at Home (yes or no).
b. Conduct a test at the 1% significance level to determine whether the variables Race and Both Parents at Home are dependent. Provide the details.

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