Question: According to the Energy Information Administration the average U S household

According to the Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. household spends $1196 per year for electricity. Assume that this finding could have been based on the electricity expenditures reported by 250 households,with the data in file XR03065.
a. Confirm the mean and determine the median and the standard deviation of the electricity expenditures.
b. Generate and interpret the box-and-whisker plot for the households from this region.
c. From the results in parts (a) and (b), do there appear to be any “outlier” households? If so, for what reason(s) might energy-conservation officials wish to examine the habits or characteristics of these households?
A computer and statistical software will be desirable and useful. However, any necessary calculations can also be done with the aid of a pocket calculator. For readers using statistical software, keep in mind the file-naming key— for example, the data for Exercise 3.57 will be in data file XR03057.
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