Question: According to The Harris Poll the proportion of all adults

According to The Harris Poll, the proportion of all adults who live in households with rifles (29%), shotguns (29%), or pistols (23%) has not changed significantly. However, today more people live in households with no guns (61%).The 1014 adults surveyed gave the following results.
In a survey of 2000 adults in Memphis who said they own guns, 780 said they own all three types, 550 said they own 2 of the 3 types, 560 said they own 1 of the 3 types, and 110 declined to specify what types of guns they own.
a. Test the null hypothesis that the distribution of number of types owned is the same in Memphis as it is nationally as reported by The Harris Poll. Use a level of significance equal to 0.05.
b. What caused the calculated value of x2 to be so large? Does it seem right that one cell should have this much effect on the results? How could this test be completed differently (hopefully, more meaningfully) so that the results might not be affected as they were in part a? Be specific.

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