Question: According to the latest census the number of households in

According to the latest census, the number of households in a large metropolitan area is 425,000. The home-delivery department of the local newspaper reports that 104,320 households receive daily home delivery. To increase home-delivery sales, the marketing department launches an expensive advertising campaign. A financial analyst tells the publisher that for the campaign to be successful, home-delivery sales must increase to more than 110,000 households. Anxious to see whether the campaign is working, the publisher authorizes a telephone survey of 400 households within 1 week of the beginning of the campaign and asks each household head whether he or she has the newspaper delivered. The responses were recorded where 2 = yes and 1 = no.
a. Do these data indicate that the campaign will increase home-delivery sales?
b. Do these data allow the publisher to conclude that the campaign will be successful?

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