According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for an adult female in the United States is 63.7 inches (5 feet 3.7 inches) (source: pediatrics. about. com). It is suspected that poor childhood nutrition may adversely affect the adult height of women from low income families. You take a random sample of 100 adult women who grew up in low income families and find that the average height in the sample is 63.2 inches. Can we use this sample result to support a hypothesis that the average height of women from low income families is less than the national average of 63.7 inches? State the decision rule for the test in inches. Use a significance level of 5% and a population standard deviation of 1.8 inches. (Show the null hypothesis as H0: μ > 63.7 inches and the alternative as Ha: μ < 63.7 inches.)

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