Question: According to the website MedicalNewsToday com coronary artery disease accounts for

According to the website, coronary artery disease accounts for about 40% of deaths in the United States. Many people believe this is due to modern-day factors such as high-calorie fast food and lack of exercise. However, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in November 2009 ( reported on 16 mummies from the Egyptian National Museum of Antiquities in Cairo. The mummies were examined, and 9 of them had hardening of the arteries, which seems to suggest that hardening of the arteries is not a new problem.
a. Calculate the expected number of mummies with artery disease (assuming the rate is the same as in the modern day). Then calculate the expected number of mummies without artery disease (the rest).
b. Calculate the observed value of the chi-square statistic for these mummies.

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