Question: According to U S Census data 68 of the civilian U S

According to U.S. Census data, 68% of the civilian U.S. labor force self-identifies as White, 11% as Black, and the remaining 21% as Hispanic/Latino or Other. Among Whites in the labor force, 54% are Male, and 46% Female. Among Blacks, 52% are Male and 48% Female, and among Hispanic/Latino/Other, 58% are Male and 42% are Female.
a) Polling companies need to sample an appropriate number of respondents of each gender from each ethnic group. For a randomly selected U.S. worker, fill in the probabilities in this tree:
b) What is the probability that a randomly selected worker is a Black Female?
c) For a randomly selected worker, what is P (Female \ White)}
d) For a randomly selected worked what is P (White | Female) ?

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