Accounting records for NIC Enterprises (NICE) for September show the following (each entry is the total of the actual entries for the account for the month):

Note a: This entry does not include any over- or underapplied overhead. Over-or underapplied overhead is written off to Cost of Goods Sold once for the month. For September, the amount written off was 2 percent of overhead applied for September. Overhead is applied on the basis of direct labor costs.
The work-in-process ending account balance on September 30 was 125 percent of the beginning balance. The direct material ending inventory balance on September 30 was $25,000 less than the beginning balance. The finished goods beginning balance on September 1 was $148,000. The September income statement shows revenues of $2,300,000 and a gross profit of $850,000.

a. What was the finished goods inventory on September 30?
b. How much manufacturing overhead was applied for September?
c. What was the manufacturing overhead rate for September?
d. How much manufacturing overhead was incurred for September?
e. What was the work-in-process beginning inventory balance?
f. What was the work-in-process ending inventorybalance?

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