Accupril a medication supplied by P zer Pharmaceuticals is meant to
Accupril, a medication supplied by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, is meant to control hypertension. In clinical trials of Accupril, 2142 subjects were divided into two groups. The 1563 subjects in group 1 (the experimental group) received Accupril. The 579 subjects in group 2 (the control group) received a placebo. Of the 1563 subjects in the experimental group, 61 experienced dizziness as a side effect. Of the 579 subjects in the control group, 15 experienced dizziness as a side effect. To test whether the proportion experiencing dizziness in the experimental group is greater than that in the control group, the researchers entered the data into MINITAB statistical software and obtained the following results:
What conclusion can be drawn from the clinical trials?
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