Question: Ace Pencil the Web manager of the XYZ Company was

Ace Pencil, the Web manager of the XYZ Company, was horrified when he received a call one night around midnight from Bob Drake, one of the salespersons. “Our entire Web site has been replaced by cartoon characters,” said Bob Drake. Ace jumped out of bed and stepped into his home office, where he nervously viewed the company Web pages. Sure enough, the story was true. There, in front of him, he was staring at all the cartoon characters that his children watched on Saturday mornings. Further investigation revealed that in fact there was absolutely nothing wrong with his Web site. All the files on the server were exactly as they were supposed to be. Yet, when he went to the Web site, he only saw cartoon characters.

a. Describe what has happened to the XYZ Company.
b. What can be done to correct the problem?

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