Ace Products sells marked playing cards to blackjack dealers It
Ace Products sells marked playing cards to blackjack dealers. It has not paid a dividend in many years, but is currently contemplating some kind of dividend. The capital accounts for the firm are as follows:
Common stock (2,400,000 shares at $5 par) ...... $12,000,000
Capital in excess of par* ............. 5,000,000
Retained earnings ................. 23,000,000
Net worth .................... $40,000,000
*The increase in capital in excess of par as a result of a stock dividend is equal to the new shares created times (Market price – Par value). The company’s stock is selling for $20 per share. The company had total earnings of $4,800,000 during the year. With 2,400,000 shares outstanding, earnings per share were $2.00. The firm has a P/E ratio of 10.
a. What adjustments would have to be made to the capital accounts for a 10 percent stock dividend? Show the new capital accounts.
b. What adjustments would be made to EPS and the stock price? (Assume the P/E ratio remains constant.)
c. How many shares would an investor end up with if he or she originally had 70 shares?
d. What is the investor’s total investment worth before and after the stock dividend if the P/E ratio remains constant? (There may be a $1 to $2 difference due to rounding.)

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