Question: ACE CO a Milwaukee automobile parts manufacturer was accused of a

ACE/CO, a Milwaukee automobile parts manufacturer, was accused of a series of unfair labor practices springing from company conduct both before and after a disputed union representation election. Among the charges were the following:
• ACE/CO declined to grant its usual across-the-board wage increases and told employees that the union was responsible for the failure to grant a raise.
• ACE/CO distributed a memorandum asking employees to inform supervisors whenever they felt pressured to sign a union authorization card. One employee testified that union representatives had visited his home 13 times and that he did feel “pressured” to support the union.
• ACE/CO included in its employee handbook a statement indicating the company’s “intention to do everything possible to maintain our company’s union-free status for the benefit of both our employees and [the company].”
a. Why might ACE/CO legitimately decline to offer a wage increase during an organizing campaign?
b. Do any of these company behaviors constitute unfair labor practices?

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