Activet Corporation a Canadian based international company that follows IFRS including
Activet Corporation, a Canadian-based international company that follows IFRS, including IAS 39, has the following securities in its portfolio of investments acquired for trading purposes and accounted for using the fair value through net income method on December 31, 2013:
In 2014, Activet completed the following securities transactions:
Mar. 1 Sold the 1.500 shares of David Jones Inc. common at $45 per share, less fees of $500.
Apr. 1 Bought 700 shares of Oberto Ltd. common at $75 per share, plus fees of $1,300.
Activet Corporation's portfolio of trading securities appeared as follows on December 31, 2014:
Prepare the Activet Corporation general journal entries for the following asswning the company does not recognize and report dividends and other components of investment gains and losses separately:
(a) The December 31, 2013 adjusting entry
(b) The sale of the David Jones Inc. shares
(c) The purchase of the Oberto Ltd. shares
(d) The December 31, 2014 adjusting entry
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