Question: Adair Vineyard is a 10 acre vineyard in New Paltz New

Adair Vineyard is a 10-acre vineyard in New Paltz, New York. The winery itself is housed in a 200-year-old historic Dutch barn, with the wine cellar on the first floor and the tasting room and gift shop on the second. Since they are relatively small and considering an expansion, they are curious about how their size compares to that of other vineyards. The histogram shows the sizes (in acres) of 36 wineries in upstate New York.
a) Write a short description of this distribution (shape, center, spread, unusual features).
b) Would you expect the mean or the median to be larger? Explain.
c) Which would be a more appropriate summary of the center, the mean or the median? Explain.
Size (acres)

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