Question: After a thorough analysis of the market a publisher of

After a thorough analysis of the market, a publisher of business and economics statistics books has divided the market into three general approaches to teach applied statistics. These are (1) use of a computer and statistical software with no manual calculations, (2) traditional teaching of concepts and solution of problems by hand, and (3) mathematical approach with emphasis on derivations and proofs. The publisher wanted to know whether this market could be segmented on the basis of the educational background of the instructor. As a result, the statistics editor organized a survey that asked 195 professors of business and economics statistics to report their approach to teaching and which one of the following categories represents their highest degree:
1. Business (MBA or Ph.D. in business)
2. Economics
3. Mathematics or engineering
4. Other
a. Can the editor infer that there are differences in type of degree among the three teaching approaches? If so, how can the editor use this information?
b. Suppose that you work in the marketing department of a textbook publisher. Prepare a report for the editor that describes this analysis.

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