Question: After preparing Vincente Corp s bank reconciliation in Short Exercise 4 9

After preparing Vincente Corp.’s bank reconciliation in Short Exercise 4-9, make the company’s journal entries for transactions that arise from the bank reconciliation. Date each transaction August 31, 2014, and include an explanation with each entry.
In Short Exercise 4-9
The Cash account of Vincente Corp. reported a balance of $3,640 at August 31. Included were outstanding checks totaling $800 and an August 31 deposit of $300 that did not appear on the bank statement. The bank statement, which came from Tri State Bank, listed an August 31 balance of $4,775. Included in the bank balance was an August 30 collection of $685 on account from a customer who pays the bank directly. The bank statement also shows a $15 service charge, $20 of interest revenue that Vincente earned on its bank balance, and an NSF check for $55.

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