After returning from a three day business trip the accountant for
After returning from a three-day business trip, the accountant for Southeast Sales, Johanna Estrada, checked bank activity in the company's checking account online. The activity for the last three days follows.

After matching these transactions to the company's Cash account in the general ledger, Johanna noted the following unrecorded transactions:
1. The ATM withdrawal on 9/22/2016 was for personal use by the owner, Robert Savage.
2. The ACH credit on 9/22/2016 was an electronic funds payment received on account from Edwards UK, a credit customer located in Great Britain.
3. The bill payment made 9/23/2016 to Waste Control Trash Services (utilities).
4. The loan payment on 9/24/2016 was an automatic debit by Central Motors for the company's monthly payment on a loan for its automobiles. The loan does not bear interest.
Prepare the journal entries in a general journal to record the four transactions above. Use 21 as the pagenumber.
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