Question: After working for three different companies in ten years Martin

After working for three different companies in ten years, Martin Long decided that he just wasn't cut out to be someone else's employee. For the next four years, he saved 25% of his salary and then opened his own graphic design fi rm. He intends to target small- and medium-sized businesses that need graphic design services for their letterhead, brochures, and packaging but who cannot afford to employ a full-time graphic artist.
Martin plans to build customer relationships based on his design skills and advertising expertise. Companies can hire him for design work only or for creating a comprehensive print strategy that includes the design and production of print materials. Martin will outsource the production of his print materials to a local printing company.

a. Diagram a supply chain that shows how brochures would be created for a company that cannot make them in house. Be sure to identify Martin’s place in the supply chain.
b. Assume that Martin will operate his business out of his home. Identify the costs he will
incur in the first year to get the business up and running.
c. Will Martin need to engage in planning, controlling, and evaluating even though he is
a sole proprietor with no employees? If so, identify several specific activities he might perform. If not, explain why Martin will not need to perform these activities.
d. Martin probably will not make a lot of money in the first few months of owning his business. What other measures will signal that his business is becoming successful?

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