Agentel Corporation is a U S based importing exporting company The company entered
Agentel Corporation is a U.S.-based importing-exporting company. The company entered into the following transactions during the month of November. Nov. 6 Purchased merchandise from AGT, a Swiss firm, for 600,000 francs. 5 Sold merchandise to SLS, Inc., a firm located in Rio De Janeiro, for $200,000. 18 Sold merchandise to TNT, Ltd., a British firm, for 130,000 pounds. 20 Purchased merchandise from SDS, Ltd., a British firm, for $160,000. All the transactions were unsettled at December 31, Agentel’s fiscal year-end. Spot rates are as follows:

A. Compute the amount that Agentel would report for each unsettled receivable and payable in its balance sheet prepared at December 31.
B. Compute the transaction gain or loss on each unsettled receivable and payable that would be reported in the income statement prepared for the year ended December31.
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