Question: Aimee a 24 year old grad student in town for a convention

Aimee, a 24-year-old grad student in town for a convention, walks into a bar and is hit by a flaming rum drink which a man at a table tossed over his shoulder as she passed by. Aimee falls to the floor and shouts “I’m on fire! I’m on fire!” as the flames on her arm spread to her back, hip and hair. The five men at the table, including a doctor and a lawyer, do not deny that one of them lit the 151-proof Bacardi rum, but each denied either throwing the drink or seeing who did. Aimee, who suffered second and third degree burns and has permanent scarring, sues the five men. The bar has requested the court to keep the bar out of Aimee’s lawsuit since the server who served the drinks said she did not light them, as it would violate bar policy. However, the server allegedly did not attempt to stop the men from lighting the drink. Will the bar likely be kept out of a negligence suit? (Atlanta Journal & Constitution, 9/18/04)

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