Question: Airbus Industrie the European maker of the A380 long range jet

Airbus Industrie, the European maker of the A380 long-range jet, is currently trying to expand its market worldwide. At one point, Airbus managers wanted to test whether their potential market in the United States, measured by the proportion of airline industry executives who would prefer the A380, is greater than the company's potential market for the A380 in Europe (measured by the same indicator). A random sample of 120 top executives of U.S. airlines looking for new aircraft were given a demonstration of the plane, and 34 indicated that they would prefer the model to other new planes on the market. A random sample of 200 European airline executives were also given a demonstration of the plane, and 41 indicated that they would be interested in the A380. Test the hypothesis that more U.S. airline executives prefer the A380 than their European counterparts.

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