Question: Ajax Inc is a monopolist The estimated demand function for

Ajax, Inc. is a monopolist. The estimated demand function for its product is Qd = 120 – 0.8P + 12Y + 4A
Where Qd denotes quantity demanded, P denotes price, Y denotes personal income (in thousands of dollars), and A denotes advertising expenditures in hundreds of dollars.
Ajax’s marginal cost function is given as
MC = 21 + 4Q
Assume Y equals 3 and A equals 3 and fixed costs equal $1000

a. What is the inverse demand function? (The equation demand equation in the form
P = a – bQd)?
b. What is the profit maximizing price and quantity of output for Ajax, assuming it is an unregulated monopoly? What are its profits?
c. If fixed costs increase to $1200, what will happen to equilibrium price and quantity?

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