Alder Flats Farms Ltd is a certified producer of organic
Alder Flats Farms Ltd. is a certified producer of organic fruits and vegetables located near Halifax.
Alder Flats is owned by the Sedley family. The land has been in the family's hands for over 100 years, although it's only been an organic producer for the last 15 years. The farm is currently operated by Lars Sedly and two of his sons. One other son and two daughters have an ownership interest in the farm but aren't involved in the day-to-day operation. Each year, at the start of the growing season, Alder Farms borrows money from the bank to finance the purchase of supplies such as seed, fertilizer, and so on.
Alder Flats supplies a number of grocery stores and small chains with organic produce throughout the year. In addition, people come and purchase produce directly from the farm. A farm can only use the term "certified organic" if it produces food according to the standards of the certifying body. Farms must be inspected annually by an in dependent inspector.

Identify all of the stakeholders in Alder Flats Farms Ltd. and explain their "stake" in the organization. Not all the stakeholders are explicitly referred to in the scenario. You will have to think about the business carefully to identify some of the stakeholders.

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