Alex Franks was a guest staying at a Comfort Inn in Searcy, Arkansas, while he was working on a highway project. Franks found a bundle of money in plain view in the left part of the left drawer in the dresser in his room. Franks notified the hotel ­manager, who notified the police. The police took custody of the money and discovered that the carefully wrapped bundle contained $ 14,200 in cash— 46 $ 100 bills and 480 $ 20 bills. Franks sued to recover the cash. J. K. Kazi, the owner of the hotel, joined the lawsuit, also claiming the money. Franks argued that the money was lost property and therefore that he, as the finder, was entitled to the money. Kazi argued that the money was mislaid property and that he, as the owner of the premises on which the money was found, was entitled to the money. The trial court held that the money had been mislaid and awarded the money to Kazi, the hotel owner. Franks appealed. Was the money mislaid or lost property? Who receives the property? Franks v. Kazi, 197 S. W. 3d 5, 2004 Ark. App. Lexis 771 (Court of Appeals of Arkansas, 2004)

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