Question: All Bamboo manufactures clothing made from renewable bamboo fiber The

All Bamboo manufactures clothing made from renewable bamboo fiber. The company purchases fabric from Malaysian suppliers and manufactures clothing in the United States. All Bamboo’s managers are analyzing the impact of their business operations on internal and external stakeholders.

A. Classify each impact 1-12 as internal (I), external (E), or both (B).
1. Health and safety of All Bamboo’s employees
2. Health and safety of fabric supplier employees
3. Wastewater generated by fabric suppliers
4. Fabric scraps from clothing manufacturing
5. Use of harsh chemicals to turn bamboo into fiber
6. Conversion of land from food crops to bamboo
7. Shipping of bamboo fabric to All Bamboo’s manufacturing plant
8. End-of-life transfer of bamboo clothing to landfills
9. Energy used in clothing manufacturing
10. Clothing customer satisfaction
11. All Bamboo employee satisfaction
12. Sales of All Bamboo clothing
B. Due to limited resources, All Bamboo’s managers need to prioritize which of the impacts they should attempt to reduce during the next five years. Which three impacts do you believe are most important? Explain how you decided.

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