Question: All publicly traded domestic companies use EDGAR the Electronic Data

All publicly traded domestic companies use EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, to make the majority of their filings with the SEC. You can access EDGAR at

1. Search for a public company with which you are familiar. Access its most recent 10-K filing. Search or scroll to find financial statements and related notes.
2. Answer the following questions. (If the chosen company does not report investments in the securities of other companies, choose another company.)
a. What is the amount and classification of any investment securities reported in the balance sheet? Are unrealized gains or losses reported in the shareholders' equity section?
b. Are any investments reported by the equity method?
c. What amounts from these investments are reported in the comparative income statements? Has that income increased or decreased over the years reported?
d. Are any acquisitions or disposals of investments reported in the statement of cash flows?

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