Question: All the organophosphate compounds listed in Table 15 1 undergo hydrolysis

All the organophosphate compounds listed in Table 15.1 undergo hydrolysis reactions in the same way as ATP. The following equation illustrates the situation for glucose-1-phosphate.
Glucose-1-phosphate + H2O → Glucose + Pi
∆G°' = 220.9 kJ mol-1
Using the free-energy values in Table 15.1, predict whether the following reactions will proceed in the direction written, and calculate the DG°' for the reaction, assuming that the reactants are initially present in a 1:1 molar ratio.
(a) ATP 1 Creatine → Creatine phosphate + ADP
(b) ATP 1 Glycerol → Glycerol-3-phosphate + ADP
(c) ATP 1 Pyruvate → Phosphoenolpyruvate + ADP
(d) ATP 1 Glucose → Glucose-6-phosphate + ADP

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