Although arsenic is known to be a poison it also
Although arsenic is known to be a poison, it also has some beneficial medicinal uses. In one study of the use of arsenic to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), a rare type of blood cell cancer, APL patients were given an arsenic compound as part of their treatment. Of those receiving arsenic, 42% were in remission and showed no signs of leukemia in a subsequent examination (Washington Post, November 5, 1998). It is known that 15% of APL patients go into remission after the conventional treatment. Suppose that the study had included 100 randomly selected patients (the actual number in the study was much smaller). Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the proportion in remission for the arsenic treatment is greater than .15, the remission proportion for the conventional treatment? Test the relevant hypotheses using a .01 significance level.
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