Question: An aluminum rod 0 500 m in length

An aluminum rod 0.500 m in length and with a cross-sectional area of 2.50 cm2 is inserted into a thermally insulated vessel containing liquid helium at 4.20 K. The rod is initially at 300 K.
(a) If half of the rod is inserted into the helium, how many liters of helium boil off by the time the inserted half cools to 4.20 K? (Assume the upper half does not yet cool)
(b) If the upper end of the rod is maintained at 300 K, what is the approximate boil-off rate of liquid helium after the lower half has reached 4.20 K? (Aluminum has thermal conductivity of 31.0 J/s cm K at 4.2 K; ignore its temperature variation. Aluminum has a specific heat of 0.210 cal/g °C and density of 2.70 g/cm3. The density of liquid helium is 0.125 g/cm3)
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