Alva received dividends on her stocks as follows
Alva received dividends on her stocks as follows.
Amur Corporation (a French corporation whose stock is traded on an
established U.S. securities market) ................. $60,000
Blaze, Inc., a Delaware corporation................. 40,000
Grape, Inc., a Virginia corporation................. 22,000
a. Alva purchased the Grape stock three years ago, and she purchased the Amur stock two years ago. She purchased the Blaze stock 18 days before it went ex-dividend and sold it 20 days later at a $5,000 loss. Alva reported no other capital gains and losses for the year. She is in the 35% marginal tax bracket. Compute Alva's tax on her dividend income.
b. Alva's daughter, Veda, who is age 25 and who is not Alva's dependent, reported tax able income of $10,000, which included $1,000 of dividends on Grape stock. Veda purchased the stock two years ago. Compute Veda's tax liability on the dividends.
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