Alvin Cagle was a potato farmer in Alabama who had
Alvin Cagle was a potato farmer in Alabama who had had several business dealings with the H.C. Schmieding Produce Co. (Schmieding). Sev-eral months before harvest, Cagle entered into an oral sales contract with Schmieding. The contract called for Schmieding to pay the market price at harvest time for all the red potatoes that Cagle grew on his 30-acre farm. Schmieding asked that the potatoes be delivered during the normal harvest months. As Cagle began harvesting his red potatoes, he contacted Schmieding to arrange delivery. Schmieding told the farmer that no contract had been formed because the terms of the agreement were too indefinite. Cagle demanded that Schmieding buy his crop. When Schmieding refused, Cagle sued to have the contract enforced. Has a valid sales contract been formed? H. C. Schmieding Produce Co. v. Cagle, 529 So. 2d 243, 1988 Ala. Lexis 284 (Supreme Court of Alabama)
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