American adults spend a large part of their weekdays at work. Commute times can make for an additionally long day. The size and location of the city along with the method of transportation can all make a difference in a commute time. The 2007 American Community Survey reported the following average commute times for each state.
a. Prepare a grouped frequency distribution of the average commute time data using class midpoints of 16, 18, 20, . . . , 32.
b. Prepare a grouped relative frequency distribution of these data.
c. Draw a relative frequency histogram of these data.
d. Prepare a cumulative relative frequency distribution of these same data.
e. Draw an ogive of these data.
f. Using the ogive, find the value that exceeds 70% of the data. Describe the relationship among the answer, 70%, the data, and the idea of the cumulative relative frequency distribution.

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