American football is the highest paying sport on a per game basis
American football is the highest-paying sport on a per-game basis. Given that the quarter-back is considered the most important player on the team, he is typically well-compensated.
A sports statistician examines the factors that influence a quarterback’s salary (Salary). He believes that a quarterback’s pass completion rate (PC) is the most important variable affecting Salary. The statistician also wonders how total touchdowns scored (TD) and a quarterback’s age (Age) might impact Salary. The statistician collects 2009 data on Salary, PC, TD, and Age. A portion of the data is shown in the accompanying table; the entire data set, labeled Quarterback_Salaries, can be found on the text website.

In a report, use the sample information to:
1. Estimate and interpret the model: Salary = β0 + β1PC + β2TD + β3Age + .
2. Construct and interpret the 95% confidence interval for the expected salary of a quarterback with average values of PCT, TD, and Age.
3. Construct and interpret the 95% prediction interval for the individual salary of a quarter-back with average values of PCT, TD, andAge.
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